The Challenge
Empty Containers

Key problem areas: Waste, Efficiency, Productivity, Safety & Security

As demand for containers increases in line with trade, so too will the impact
of handling, securing, storing and relocating empty containers on all stakeholders.


Our Solution

C-400 High Cube Container

Achieving a 4:1 ratio, the COLLAPSECON® C-400-HC is an innovative 40 Foot collapsible
intermodal container which lowers the consumption of space when empty, costs of relocation, increases
security, generates greater visibility and reduces waste at every point in the supply chain.

The Collapsible-Economic-Container, otherwise known as “COLLAPSECON®”, is a horizontally collapsible container that achieves a 4:1 collapsing ratio.

Made from industry standard materials and designed for operational and economic effectiveness, it has been built with all elements of manufacturing, port efficiencies, shipping operations and user capabilities taken into consideration.

COLLAPSECON® is available in three sizes, 20 foot (C-200), 40 foot (C-400) and 40 foot High-Cube variant (C-400-HC). Regardless of size, COLLAPSECON® can be seamlessly integrated into the current global shipping chain.



Uniformity with current industry operations, use of standard components and simplicity of operation, COLLAPSECON® offers ease of adoption.



Achieving a 4-1 collapsing ratio, COLLAPSECON® provides an efficient solution for the storage, handling and distribution of containers, reducing costs across the supply chain.



Though slightly more expensive than a standard, COLLAPSECON® generates a significant return-on-investment over the life of each unit when applied to unbalanced routes.



COLLAPSECON® is fundamentally simple to operate and maintain, offering true “stand-back functionality” to ensure operator safety at all times.

Specs & Features

4:1 collapsing ratio for storage, handling and distribution
Complies with industry specifications and uses industry standard components
Maintains an active load capacity similiar to any relatively sized container
Considers the needs and limitations of key industry stakeholders (Owners, Operators, Manufacturers and the industry as a whole)
Reduces costs across a client’s entire supply chain
Offers uniformity with current industry standard components
Fundamentally simple and safe to operate and maintain, offering “stand-back functionality”
The only semi-automated collapsing intermodal container
Fully supported through a comprehensive maintenance and support network

Support Services


COLLAPSECON® represents an evolution in container technology. With over 38 million containers globally, COLLAPSECON® offers an unrivaled level of savings and efficiencies for the shipping and logistics industries.

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At CEC Systems, we understand that some companies may benefit from leasing rather than purchasing, and as such, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a full-service leasing option. With different leasing periods available, supplementing your fleet is easy.

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Operator Training

To promote the correct and safe operation of our products, reduce damage and maintenance costs, and ensure understanding and acceptance, Operator Training & Certification is essential. We insist of providing this service for all of out products.

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We hate waste and love to see clients get the maximum return from our solutions, but we know that things will inevitably break or need repairs from time-to-time. As such, we offer maintenance and repair services to all COLLAPSECON® units.

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Asset Buy-Back

Wear & tear and environmental conditions can result in varying lengths of life for containers. Our Asset Recovery Program offers clients the ability to purchase or lease new COLLAPSECON® at a discount when they trade in their old or damaged units.

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Research & Development

Due to trade imbalances, price fluctuations, container repositioning, manufacturing and leasing costs, the shipping and logistics industries face a number of complex challenges on a global scale. Stakeholders throughout the supply chain are looking to gain efficiencies or face serious consequences in this highly competitive market.

Through extensive industry collaboration, CEC Systems has come to understand the four key problem areas impacting shipping and logistics as Waste, Productivity, Efficiency, and Safety & Security. With the foundation that all innovation be pursued under the principles of being Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), CEC Systems’ researches and develops integrated solutions to industry problems.

We engage directly with stakeholders to continually understand market and operational issues, and develop solutions that promote long-term efficiency and effectiveness.

We ensure that our technology complies with industry specifications and try to use standard components to reduce costs across a client’s entire network. Our technology is designed for maximum innovation with minimum investment and industry effort.

Through experimentation with new concepts we continue to challenge the way we think in order to drive improvement and evolution.

CEC Systems is committed to pioneering real, effective industrial technological innovation that reduces waste, enhances productivity, increases efficiency and ensures security of global trade.

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What challenges are we tackling next?

Container weight disparity

We want to be able to guarantee the weight accuracy of every container to increase speed, certainty and safety throughout the supply chain.

High insurance premiums

We want to find simple yet innovative solutions to critical issues throughout the supply chain that have traditionally driven up the price of insurance.

Visibility and pilferage

We want to increase the visibility and tracking of cargo in order to reduce theft and increase accountability across the supply chain.

What challenges are facing your business?

We want to hear from shipping and logistics stakeholders around the world about the challenges facing your business.

Get in touch with CEC Systems and let’s collaborate to find your solution today.

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