Where we started

CEC Systems was founded by Nicholas Press, a Strategic Logistics Officer in the Australian Regular Army. During his deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, Nicholas observed an accumulation of empty intermodal containers at operating bases, often where space was a limited and valuable commodity. This was because once the supplies were removed, the containers themselves were left empty, stuck at their destination.

The empty container problem inspired Nicholas to investigate inefficiencies in logistics and shipping beyond military operations. Spending over three years studying the greater logistics, transportation and shipping industries, and the global trade factors that drive them, he came to understand that empty containers were just one of the many problems creating significant losses across the supply chain.

Starting with the problem of empty containers, Nicholas went about designing an intermodal shipping container that could collapse to at least one fourth of its original size. The result of his endeavours was the first semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container known as COLLAPSECON®.

Nicholas officially founded CEC Systems Pty Ltd in 2015 with the COLLAPSECON® at the forefront of his shipping and logistics technological innovations. But that was only the beginning for CEC Systems.


What we do now

CEC Systems is a technology company building integrated solutions to complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries. We collaborate with industry stakeholders to develop innovative solutions that benefit everyone in the supply chain. Through experimentation with new concepts we continue to challenge the way we think in order to drive improvement and evolution.


How we do it

Through extensive industry collaboration, CEC Systems has come to understand the four key problem areas impacting shipping and logistics as Waste, Productivity, Efficiency, and Security.

With the foundation that all innovation be pursued under the principles of being Simple, Affordable, Efficient and Safe (SEAS), CEC Systems researches and develops integrated technology solutions to these industry problems now and into the future.


We Reduce Waste

Avoiding the waste of resources, effort and money is the goal of all businesses. We collaborate with our clients to develop new solutions to old problems. Through innovative thinking, we help our clients simplify the management, quick recovery and re-use of equipment, which reduces the overall amount of waste generated. When our solutions are applied, they prevent excessive waste material from being produced which in turn, becomes less waste to manage.

We Enhance Productivity

In competitive markets, increasing capacity and reducing costs is critical. As an industrial technology company, we engage directly with industry stakeholders to understand market and operational issues, and develop solutions that promote long-term efficiency and effectiveness. We create comprehensive and fully integrated solutions that support our clients and the industry now and into the future.

We Increase Efficiency

We help our clients solve real problems, remove inefficiencies and lower their total investment with minimum effort. Our emerging technology in the shipping and logistics industries has already increased capacity through space efficiency and subsequently greater usage flexibility. This means lower costs and overheads for our clients, which improves their profitability.

We Ensure Security

Our industrial technology increases security and generates greater visibility across the international supply chain while facilitating the flow of legitimate trade. This makes it easier for our clients to comply with regulations, monitor requirements, ensure they keep insurance premiums low and customers happy.

Who we are

Nicholas Press

Nicholas Press

Managing Director & CEO

Nicholas started his career in the Australian Regular Army in 2004, graduating from the Royal Military College Duntroon as a commissioned officer in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport. During his military career, Nicholas served on multiple deployments as a logistics operations officer including Operation Astute (East Timor, 2006), Operation Catalyst (Kuwait, 2008), Operation Slipper (Afghanistan, 2008) and Operation Slipper (UAE/Afghanistan, 2011). In 2009 Nicholas separated from the Regular Army and established Press Logistics, a private logistics consulting firm supporting Defence capability acquisition and integration. In 2012 Nicholas sold Press Logistics and founded CEC Systems with a desire to develop real innovative solutions for the shipping and logistics industries.

Llew Russell AM

Llew Russell AM

Non-Executive Director

Llew Russell AM has spent 30 years as head of industry associations, 12 years in Government and over a decade on numerous Boards, both Not-for-Profit and For-Profit. He is highly skilled in corporate strategies/governance (including risk analysis) and has a formidable understanding of and responsibility for financial outcomes and regulation in the maritime, overseas trade and logistics industries. Llew’s NFP Board experience has involved Chambers of Commerce, the IT Industry, Training and Education and Seafarer charity Boards. He is also chairman of the Australian Advisory Committee for Lloyd’s Register International. Llew has enjoyed successful working relationships with Federal, State and Territory Ministers,Departments and regulatory agencies. In 2009, Llew was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to shipping, trade and business organisations and inducted into the Lloyds’ List Australia Ltd Maritime Hall of Fame in 2013.

Simon Church

Simon Church

Non-Executive Director

Simon Church is an experienced professional with two decades of experience working in the technology and logistics industries. Simon has enjoyed senior manager positions with some of the world’s largest technology and logistics companies. Among these positions, Simon served as Project Lead with FedEx for 13 years coordinating Airfreight for defence exercises. Simon has spent time in ex-patriot positions heading up Sales for cargo and freight airlines in Middle Eastern, Asian and Indian locations. His most recent role was as Head of Channels at Temando where he was responsible for key partner relationships including Defence, IBM, Oracle, Netsuite, Bigcommerce, Amazon, Google, Paypal and eBay.

Alexander Scanlon

Alexander Scanlon

Non-Executive Director

Alexander has worked globally in structured finance, venture capital, private equity and corporate advisory. He is a director of PARQ Capital Management (UK) Limited and the Managing Director of Nutrimentum (UK) Limited, both companies focused on investment and development in the natural resources sector. He was previously a Founding Partner of Lusona Capital, and before that a Manager at Sigiriya Capital, boutique PE and advisory firms specialising in structured financings and investments in the natural resources sector. He has also served as Business Development Manager for Sirius Minerals Plc and as an Executive in the Principal Investments Area at Barclays Capital focused on structured investments.



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