The evolution of shipping and logistics must be
Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Safe (SEAS).

CEC Systems is pioneering integrated technology to meet the global challenges of shipping and logistics now and into the future.


Pioneering Shipping and Logistics innovation

CEC Systems was founded in 2015 with the world’s first semi-automated Collapsible-Economic-Container, at the forefront of its shipping and logistics technological innovations.

Achieving a 4:1 ratio, COLLAPSECON® enables 4 units to be collapsed and joined to form a single container; significantly reducing storage, handling and transportation costs throughout the globe.


A world of opportunity

Sea travel has been instrumental in the development of civilisation. Seaborne trade networks provided great economic power to many Empires throughout history and the expansion of these routes led to the Age of Exploration and Discovery.

Shipping and logistics remain the cornerstone of world trade today. Over the past 20 years, global container traffic has grown at an astounding rate and with increasing population, wealth, consumption and industrialisation trends, it’s predicted to continue growing.

of world trade is carried
by sea in shipping
worth of goods
shipped annually
estimated worth of
goods shipped
in 2060

What are the big challenges?

Due to trade imbalances, container repositioning costs vs. manufacturing and leasing costs, and conflicting agendas along the supply chain, the shipping and logistics industries face complex challenges on a global scale.
intermodal shipping
containers worldwide
of transportation and port
handling is wasted on
empty containers
containers are lost at
sea every year
worth of goods are stolen
from containers in
United States annually
of all containers are
stored empty, waiting
to be used

How will you stack up?

The nature of shipping and logistics is changing fast. The growth in shipping trade has forced many companies to expand rapidly and make major operational changes to gain even minor efficiencies. These changes, however, often result in knock-on efficiency losses to other parts of their business. In a highly competitive market, these can prove disastrous.

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming commonplace, margins are thin, and a number of once industry leaders are now gone for good. With fewer choices, rates will increase and inevitably be passed onto customers and then everyday consumers.

If big brands continue to disappear, the risk of failing will continue to haunt the
entire supply chain and seriously impact global trade.

But there is hope.

And it lies in the solutions to inefficiencies in the supply chain.


How can CEC Systems help?

CEC Systems design Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Safe (SEAS) technology to create change and discover efficiencies that benefit everyone across the supply chain.

With the world’s first semi-automated Collapsible Economic Container at the forefront of our shipping and logistics technological innovations, CEC systems research and develop integrated solutions to the complex challenges facing these industries.

Through extensive industry collaboration, CEC Systems has come to understand the four key problem areas impacting shipping and logistics. Click below to see how we’re helping industry stakeholders meet these challenges now and into the future.




Safety &



CEC Systems to collaborate with A*STAR’s SIMTech

CEC Systems is pleased to announce an exciting new collaboration with A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech). The collaboration with SIMTech seeks to optimize the design of the shipping container, as well as explore alternative manufacturing processes, such as leveraging environmentally friendly and cost-effective lightweight materials.

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CEC Systems joins Austrade’s Singapore Landing Pad

CEC Systems has been selected for Austrade’s innovative global startup Landing Pad in Singapore. CEC Systems will now join a handful of Australia’s most promising startups who have made Singapore their short-term operational home to benefit from Austrade’s extensive global network of contacts in Singapore and the ASEAN region.

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CEC Systems to receive Accelerating Commercialisation Grant

CEC Systems has received a AUD$282,000 grant from the Australian Government to explore the commercial benefit of their collapsible shipping container, COLLAPSECON®, to the shipping and logistics industries compared to traditional shipping containers.

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